30 online course ideas to inspire you to create yours and make money online

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When the idea of this post came to mind, I went into fact-finding and I found something interesting:

I found Melissa Crowhurst

I came across her online course “Reiki Energy Healing” on udemy.

From the image above, you’ll see that Melissa has a total of 71,081 students who bought this course.

As you can see, the price of the course is $89.99.

Let’s do a quick calculation to know how much she makes:

$89.99 multiplied by 71081 is above $6.3m

Are you screaming๐Ÿ˜ฑ?

Ok, let’s assume udemy did all of the sales for her, it means she’ll only get 37% from each sale which is still above $2.3m.

If we say this amount was made in 1 – 2 years. (that might not be realistic)

So let’s say it took her 10 years to acquire this number of students, that’s still over $230k+/year.

Remember that this is just from her udemy account. Meaning that she might have accounts with other online learning platforms or sell directly on her website

So why am I sharing this? you may ask; well, It’s to let you know what’s possible, to let you know that people are making money from that thing you call a hobby.

That talent you take for granted is another person’s source of income.

If you go on to read Melissa’s start-up story, you might find that it started as a hobby before she decided to get relevant certifications.

That’s why in this post, I decided to share 30 ideas (or hobbies) you can turn to an online course and make money from.

30 Online Course Idea To Inspire You To Create Yours

1. Planning a wedding on a budget: If you planned your wedding yourself, you can turn that experience into an online course. The people who do not have the fund to hire a wedding planner will be willing to buy your course.

Carly has such a course on udemy

2. How to go to college without taking a student loan: The truth is, it’s not everybody that likes the idea of taking a student loan and many people are hoping to find a way around it.

If you were able to send your child to school without taking a student loan, you are sitting on a diamond. Many parents are willing to learn how you did it.

If you are a young adult that went to college without taking a student loan, consider turning the strategies you used into an online course.

The image below shows that people need help in this area.

Google queries on “How to go to college without a student loan.

3. Dog care: Have a Fido? Have expert knowledge in handling them? You can turn that into a course.

Example of a Dog care course on udemy. This person has 11,582 students ๐Ÿ˜ฒ

4. How to Become a Minimalist: Fellow minimalist? Let’s turn that into a course. From the image below, you’ll find that 1900 people are searching for how to become a minimalist in the US alone. Instead of just living your minimalist lifestyle, get more people onboard into the world of minimalism by teaching “How to become a minimalist or How to create a minimalist space” etc, and make money doing it.

How to become a minimalist search volume in the US

5. Home gardening: Have a vegetable garden? Why not teach others how to own and care for one?

Home gardening course example on udemy

6. Phone Photography: I wouldn’t believe someone would buy a course on taking pictures with iPhone until I came across this course

The course is even a bestseller with over 47,300 students. That’s almost $500,000 ๐Ÿคฏ. And I’ve been wasting away my photography skills ๐Ÿ˜ 

iPhone photography course on udemy

7. How to home school a child: Homeschooling a child requires special skills and many people lack them. If you’ve successfully home-schooled a child then you can turn it into a course to make money.

Homeschooling course example

8. Emotional intelligence in the workplace: Not every employee has what it takes to handle their emotions in the workplace. If you are good at managing your emotions in the workplace, others will be willing to learn from you.

Emotional intelligence at workplace course example.

9. Emotional Intelligence in Marriage: Living with a difficult partner requires some level of emotional intelligence. (My mom needs to create a course on this ๐Ÿ˜†)

Like my mum, not so many people see divorce as an option, they just find a way (anyhow) to make it work. If you’ve learned to manage a difficult partner then you should teach others how you did it. Others who don’t see divorce as an option will be willing to buy your course.

10. Sewing: Sewing courses are everywhere, you can create a niche for yourself by creating a sewing course on how to sew a specific attire. Could be a jumpsuit, sweet suit, twin wares, etc.

sewing course example on udemy

11: Vegan Meal Plan:

Are you a vegan? create a course on how to start a vegan lifestyle

12. Drawing: Good at drawing on paper, board, or iPad? What tools do you use? Someone out there would want to learn from you.

drawing on iPad course example.

13. Storytelling: Storytelling is essential for writers, public speakers, business owners, and educators. etc. if you are good at this skill then you’d because want to monetize it.

storytelling course example

14. Work-life-balance: A career mom? work from home parent but still finds time for family and friends?

For some people, managing work and family can be overwhelming. If you’ve been able to solve this puzzle then you sure deserve to get paid for it.

Work-life balance course example on udemy

15. Stress management: An average of 25.7k people are searching Google every day on how to manage stress. If you’re an expert at this, you can create a course on how to manage stress.

Global monthly search volume for how to manage stress is 25.7k

16. Public speaking: Talented public speaker? You mustn’t have given a Ted Talk to teach public speaking. If you can seamlessly address a large number of people in school, religious gatherings, etc. You can teach people like us who frets at the thought of physically addressing a large crowd ๐Ÿ™ˆ.

Global search volume for “How to overcome stage fright”

17. Healing from a heartbreak: I need to create a course on this ๐Ÿ˜ƒ. My first and only heartbreak (I never gave that chance again) was a near-death experience.

Research shows that an average person will have their hearts broken 2-5 times in their lifetime.

If you’ve experienced heartbreak and came out of it like a king/queen, you definitely should be teaching others.

In my region, we get news of people who commits suicide after a heartbreak almost every day.

A course on this will help victims of heartbreak heal faster and let others know that heartbreak isn’t a death sentence. It could also be a course on how to avoid getting heartbroken.

18. Healing from a divorce: Ever been divorced? How was the healing process? Your experience and how you healed could be turned into an online course.

E.g. Thriving after a divorce course on udemy

19. How to prepare for a baby’s arrival: So many new moms wonder how and what to expect during and after childbirth. It will be relieving to learn from someone who has gone through that route. So your online course will be appreciated.

20. Single parenting: Being a single parent most times, is an unprepared adventure. And most new single parents have no idea what the journey is going to look like. If you’ve been through that path, why not help others?

The keyword “Single parenting” has over 82k searches a month.

21. Postpartum recovery tips: A lot of women fall into depression after pregnancy, if you’ve ever been through this, your tips can help others heal faster. Sometimes, it’s easier to learn from those who’ve been through a problem than a therapist who might not have an idea of what the real feeling is like.

You could also create a course on losing pregnancy fat.

22. How to look expensive on a budget: Do you get lots of compliments on your outfits even when it costs just a few dollars to get ’em? You can teach others how to match outfits, how to shop luxury-looking fabrics on a budget. People are searching for these things believe me

Google queries on how to look expensive on a budget

23. Healthy meal plan on a budget: Healthy living is essential for everyone but not everyone has the money to eat healthily. If you are good at creating healthy recipes on a budget, you can create a course like “10 healthy meals to make with less than $5, $10”. Hope you get the point, Yeah๐Ÿ˜€? Good!

24. How to overcome depression: Depression is one of the leading causes of suicide.From 2000-2019, WHO reported that “one person commits suicide every 40 seconds, (making it 700 people/year) and from each person that dies, 20 others are also attempting”.

This is disheartening considering the fact that suicide is a preventable issue. Suicide can be prevented and a course from a depression survivor can go a long way in saving lives.

The global monthly search volume for how to overcome depression is over 36k

25. How to maintain a healthy friendship: Being a good friend takes a lot of commitment and understanding, and not so many people possess this skill. If you consider yourself a great friend and hear people talk about how great a friend you are, then you should create a course on building and maintaining a friendship.

Global monthly search volume for how to be a good friend is over 10k

26. Networking like a pro: Are you great at connecting with people easily? You can create a course on how to network. Networking is essential especially in business and career and not so many people are good at reaching out or maintaining a conversation at events.

27. Meditation: If you practice meditation then you should have one or two things to teach others about it. Building a course on that won’t hurt๐Ÿ˜€. It might become the second side income you’ve been looking to create.

28. Dancing: There are different types of dance classes. If there’s a trending dance in your region that you are good at, why not create a course to teach others?

Different dance courses on udemy.

29. How to play an instrument: Guitar, pan flute, piano, saxophone? What musical instrument can you play? So many others want to learn from you.

Example on udemy

30. Cooking: There are over 4000 states in the world and I doubt if we have all the local dishes of these states on Google.

What state are you from? Why not create a course on how to create your local foods? It’s a way to promote your culture while making money too.

Different cooking courses on udemy.

Final Thoughts

The ideas I listed could be or not be your ideal course idea but could serve as an inspiration to other ideas.

Whatever the case may be, just know that you have something that others will be willing to pay you for.

I know that the next thing that might come to your mind after reading this post will be “Some of these things are already on the internet for free, so why would anyone pay for it”?

Neil Patel (one of the highest-paid internet bloggers) will always say “People like the luxury of paying for something instead of spending hours searching through Google”

So throw the self-doubt away and get started.

Don’t forget to reach out if you need my help with planning and launching. Note: Always check for the legal requirements in your region before getting started with any of the business ideas on this website.

Hey there, Zaram here!

Hey there, Zaram here!

Having done different online businesses for the past 7 years, I can say for a fact that it's possible to make money online. (Lots of it).
I started this blog to talk about different online businesses you can do on the side and how to succeed in it.

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