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Who's Zaram Ezima

I’m a full-time web entrepreneur wearing many hats. I am into e-commerce, content writing and web design. Occasionally, I consult  for people who wants to start or grow their online side businesses. I’ve consulted for over 50 amazing ladies from around the world.

I've failed multiple times trying to sustain a profitable online business
The experience I've had over the years and the ideas I know that are capable of making you a sustainable income from home are the things I share on my blog.
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How it started

I have been into web entrepreneurship since I was 18 and I have dabbled into different online businesses like drop shipping, virtual assistant, campaign manager, teamed up with my friends to organize paid workshops, among others.

Sometimes in 2019, I wrote a book compiling all the online business ideas I had and sold over 1500 copies in the first month.

The Highlight
The highlight for me was when I raised a little over $150k within 18 months of starting my investment club (even though I had to close down the business due the effect of covid19 and some wrong investment moves I made) I'll definitely going to be working with some investment experts next time. Anyhoo, that experience taught me a lot about what it takes to build a sustainable online business.

Thank you for reading to this point.

I enjoy teaching women how to start and grow a profitable online side business using the experience and knowledge I’ve acquired over the years. 

If you want someone to help you in the planning and launching process of your online side business, I’m your girl. 

If you already have a side business but struggling to make something out from it, reach out let’s see if I can help.