5 Powerful Techniques To Close More DM Sales Inquiries

Close More DM Sales Inquiries

“Hi, please, I’ll like to inquire about the price and features of XYZ”. These are likely the kinds of messages you get on your business’s social media channels daily.

After you are done explaining the benefits and features of your product and they say the usual “I’ll get back to you”

What do you say next? Do you say Ok and close the chat or try to ask why and possibly offer a solution that I’ll eventually lead them to buy?

From my experience as a consumer, many business owners do not try to ask further questions after I’d told them that I’d get back and this is one of the quickest ways to lose a potential client to your competitors.

If you are guilty of this, you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

You should know that before someone hits your DM to inquire about the price and benefits of a product, it means they’re on their purchase-decision-making stage even though some of them have different reasons they may not be buying at that particular point.

Despite the reason a customer may have to defer their purchases, you can still make them pull out their cards and pay.

This can be done by convincing them that the value of your product outweighs their excuses.

So how do you do this?

In this post, you’ll be learning how to get them from saying “I’ll get back to you” to “How do I make payment”

3 questions to ask a customer after they said I’ll get back to you”

This question is to help you know why they aren’t ready to buy now and know which of the 5 techniques I’ll be sharing with you to implement.

1. Is there some other solution you are looking for that wasn’t mentioned? This question is relevant after explaining all the benefits of your product or services and they still want to get back.

2. Is there any reason why you wouldn’t want to do business with us at this point? I might be willing to help. This question can be asked right after they said they’ll get back.

3. If you don’t mind, why do you want to get back, why not now? Is it about the price or you’ve got some other option? If they said they’ve got an alternative, politely ask them what it is, this is so you can find a loophole to talk them out of it.

5 Techniques to close more DM sales Inquiries As a solopreneur

These tips will be more useful to solopreneurs. The reason is that some of the techniques require instantaneous decisions only a business owner can make.

Technique 1 – Offer a discount with a condition

Discount icon - Close More DM Sales Inquiries

This technique can help you close more dm sales inquiries if done rightly. In this case, you are not just offering a discount but one with a condition.

There are two perceptions you’ll be creating in the mind of the client when you use this technique; You’ll be making the customer not perceive you as a desperate person (giving unnecessary discount just to close a sale could come off as desperate) and you’ll be making them feel like they’re of help to you (they’ll be giving you something in return)

A condition may be anything you feel the customer can easily do.

E.g: Ok I want you to test how awesome our product/service is so I’m going to take 10% off but there’s a condition. You’ll need to share a review. I’m going to ask for the review in one week. How about that?

You should use this technique when “Price” seems to be the problem.

Technique 2 – Take off some benefits

products features icon - Close More DM Sales Inquiries

Taking off benefits is done by reducing some features of your product/services to accommodate the customer’s budget.

For a client you are not familiar with, you might not know which of the features to shed off so it’d be best to ask them.

E.g: Ok, I understand you don’t have the budget to buy the full package but I want to do something for you, how about taking off some of the features that you may not need?

At this point, list out the full features/benefits of the products or service and ask them which one to take off. (Some people will not like to take off anything so they might end up paying for the full package, but doing this proves to them that you want to help)

This technique is also to be applied when “Price” seems to be the problem or when they do not want some features.

Technique 3 – Give a guarantee

Product satisfaction guarantee icon

Some customers won’t immediately even after hearing all the benefits of your products because they are afraid.

A customer’s major fear is that the product will not deliver on its promise. If you are a coach, they fear that you might not be able to solve their problems.

All of these fears are valid and you can leverage their fears to make more sales by simply offering a guarantee.

E.g: I understand your fears, what if I told you that we offer a 2-day money-back guarantee? (The guarantee period will depend on your product type)

Warning: Before you implement this strategy, be sure your product/service will deliver on its promises.

Technique 4 – Personalize the benefits to them

Products features Icon

A customer is most interested in what your product will do for them, not how it will do it.

Different customers buy the same product for different reasons. If you have the opportunity, ask to know why they want to purchase your product or service and personalize the benefits to them.

This will help them understand (On a personal level) why they should buy right now.

This technique will work best when you are familiar with the client or when you deeply understand their needs.

Technique 5 -Connect with them

Connecting to your customer's icon

When you’ve tried 1 or two of the techniques above and the customer doesn’t still buy, ask to connect with them.

This is so you don’t just let a potential customer off like that.

Ask for their email addresses. You can tell them you share useful tips (on how to solve their problems) and run occasional discounts only to your email subscribers. This way, you keep them as a lead and continue to nurture them till they buy.

Final Thoughts:

Closing is an art and the best salespeople were not born. You can become a badass closer with frequent practice and tweaking.

Try to implement any of these techniques when next you get an inquiry about your product or service and I’ll be glad to hear how it turns out.

Which of the techniques have you used before?

Hey there, Zaram here!

Hey there, Zaram here!

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