How I made $6000+ in my first e-book launch and how you can do the same.

Are you looking to launch an online course or e-book but not sure how it’d turn out?

I’ve been there before and I understand that feeling of “Not being good enough”.

You see, In 2018, I started sharing business ideas with my Facebook community.

It was a new hobby I enjoyed at that time and believe me when I say, I had no idea what I was doing.

I just felt I had too many ideas on my mind and needed a way to let them out.

Before I knew it, the posts started gathering so many reactions and shares.

The highlight for me was when an influencer (A writer) I looked up to shared one of the posts.

Few days after sharing the post, he sent me a message inbox and advised me to turn those posts and some more ideas into an e-book and sell them.

I was like, ‘what’? who would buy it?

For more than 2 months, I was contemplating whether to write the ebook or not because I felt nobody would buy a book that’s just about business ideas and how to get started.

But then, I was given a notice to quit my apartment.

I had no money on me as I had just finished spending all my savings on hospital bills (For my kid sister), so I reluctantly decided to write the ebook to see how it’ll go.

I titled it “15 businesses to start with less than 5k” (5k as in 5000 nairas, Nigerian currency.)

I didn’t even edit the book because I had no money to pay an editor. I tried to edit as best as I could. And guess what? I sold over 1500 copies of that book in my first month of launching.

Do you even know the crazy part? I was advised (by the same person) to price the book for $10 but fear wouldn’t let me so I priced it at $4.

But still, I made $6000+. Not bad for a first book launch.

The strategies I used are what I’ll be sharing with you in this post

These strategies can work for e-books or courses.

Please note that we are not going to be talking about how to get 1500 people to buy your e-book or courses but how to make $6000 (Or something close) in your first month of launching.

This is because, In your case, you might need just 100 sales or even less to hit the $6000 mark. This will depend on the price of your product.

Ready? Let’s get started!

How I made $6000+ in my first e-book launch and how you can do the same

First of all, I think two major factors contributed to my success, 1) I had active Facebook followers 2) My course was ridiculously affordable.

So to make $6000 in your first month of launching, using my strategies, you’ll need to have active social media followers.

It could be on any platform, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. You should have at least 50 likes on most of your posts (this shows your followers are active)

Step 1- Churn out free content on your social media profile and groups for 30-60 days

If your previous posts aren’t related to your e-book/course niche, start now to share valuable and relevant content (Must be related to what your course is about).

If you have no idea of what to write, browse blogs in your niche to get inspiration. The content can be anything between 300-1000 words.

If you are not in any group, join groups that have your target audience and repost your content. (This will draw lots of attention to your profile).

One post a day is enough for 30-60 days -Depending on how active your followers are.

Doing this is necessary if you’ve never spoken about that topic (your course niche) on your page before

In my case, I was already sharing business ideas about 3 months before the idea to write the book.

Even though the intention wasn’t to monetize at first, this contributed to my overall success.

This exercise is to establish some level of authority in your niche and more traffic through shares.

Step 2- Start a 30-day pre-launch countdown

Now that your followers are used to seeing a post from you relating to what your course/e-book is about, the next thing is to announce the launch date and start a countdown immediately.

To keep whetting their appetite, talk about the features of your e-book/course.

E.g of things to talk about: benefit of your course/e-book, talk about what led to creating it, about the challenges your target audience is facing that your course/e-book is going to solve. etc. Be creative and talk about things that’ll trigger interest in different people.

Countdown from 30 days to when you’ll launch- with a pre-order or bonuses.

In my case, I did bonuses instead of pre-order because the e-book was already at a giveaway price.

The bonus was to guide the first 100 people to pay on how to start any of the businesses listed in my book.

If you don’t have what to offer as a bonus, you can give an early bird discount.

Step 3- Use influencers

Here’s where your network comes in handy (You know what they say about network and net worth, yeah?).

In my case, I reached out to some influencers on my list (I call them influencers because they had more followers and engagements on their posts than I do).

To be honest, 50% of the sales came from these influencers- And it was free of charge because we were friends.

So I’m not asking you to go in search of INFLUENCERS, check your friends to find those with great engagement and make connections with them. You might have to return the favor in the future too. Don’t wait to be told!

So just tell them you’ll appreciate it if they could share any of your prelaunch posts with their audience or the actual launch posts when you make it.

Try to follow up with them. In my case, I followed up 3 times before I got some of them to make the post.

By the way, they were less than 7 of them.

The launch

Once the 30 days is complete, you can then go ahead to launch.

As more people pay, share screenshots of payments. This will make others want to pay (Bandwagon effect)

Keep talking about the course and sharing reviews for the next 30 days (Post-launch strategy).

Also, ask those that paid to share the opportunity with their network. If your course/ebook meets their expectation, some would share without being asked to.

in My case, I saw a lot of my followers share the e-book without being asked to. This also contributed to the sales.

Rapping up

There are different marketing strategies you can deploy to launch your e-book/course. These are the strategies I used to sell 1500 copies of my first e-book, in the first month of launching, with no ads.

You can achieve a similar result if you put in the needed effort.

If you’ll be implementing this strategy, let me know in the comment section.

Hey there, Zaram here!

Hey there, Zaram here!

Having done different online businesses for the past 7 years, I can say for a fact that it's possible to make money online. (Lots of it).
I started this blog to talk about different online businesses you can do on the side and how to succeed in it.

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  1. Hi Zaram great strategy here.
    I have few friends on my Instagram account and that’s the only social media account I use. I want to create a course for *TTC parents*. Is this a nice idea? And will your strategy work for me?

    1. Hi Nina, your Idea is great. And yes, the strategies can work for you. You don’t necessarily need large followers per se, what matters most is the engagement. I’d love to know how it goes. Hit me up if you need my help.

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